The guide to ‘doing’ a season

A short while after embarking on my journey to Whistler, BC, in fact maybe even before leaving England, I contemplated writing a guide for would-be saisonnaires to refer to so that they had a helping hand [eh?]
So that they could avoid some of the pitfalls, and get some answers to questions such as how much money should I take, and what should I expect.

On this basis, I present to you the first revision of my guide to ‘doing’ a season, as it is fondly and oft referred to.

The original idea behind this site was so that I could keep my friends and family informed on what I was up to during my time overseas. This also had the dual benefit of becoming a reference for me, kind of like a diary (albeit a sometimes censored one), that I could refer back to and remember the good times that were had.. Whilst we’re on that topic, I would strongly encourage you to keep a diary of some description because sooo much happens whilst you’re away that you are bound to forget a bunch of stuff unless you make a note of it somehow…

Anyway, probably the first and most important part of advice that I could give is

Don’t get your heart set on anything

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