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  1. Kim

    I have an interview for Four Season in Whistler and I was just wondering if you could answer a few of my questions?
    Do you know what the accomadtaion will be like?
    What are working patterns like? atm I work 5/7 days 8hr shifts
    What are minimum wages rates then for women?
    I’m not interested in skiing or anything will this be a problem? but I do want try some stuff & party away the season.
    When you say “unless a girl is hot?” meaning? im mean im not unattractive but 5″4 uk size 10 uk 34e chest pretty face.. will I go far?? hahahaha!!

    Hope you have time to answer my questions.

    Thanks Kim

  2. Arlean

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  3. Tylar-Grace Masnaghi

    Hey not to sure if you will be able to help me!
    Im looking to take a year off before I head off to university, meaning I will be able to work full time from july 2015 until August 2016. There is nothing more I want then to be in whistler, unfortunately I am a little confused as to how I go about finding a job for next year as all the postings are relative to right now. It also seems that I have missed the job fairs. I am not picky as to where I would be working although a resort would be ideal as they often offer housing options. I have bee snowboarding since I was 6 and have been working in a customer service job for the last 4 years. If you are able to help me out with some insight I would be forever grateful!

    ps I am currently living in Toronto, Ontario


  4. Matt

    Hey bro

    I hope life is awesome.

    I just came across your blog and hope you enjoyed your season in the Whistler

    My name is Matt and I am a Canadian/South African. For the last few years I have been trying to perfect the work travel lifestyle. I used to set up hostels at festivals and events around the world, so got to live some fun places. As well as lived and worked in Ski towns in Canada and America , surf towns in Central and kickboxed in Thailand. More than anything I like meeting new people from around the world and hearing about their awesome adventures, their city and the fun things to do.

    My most recent project has been to create a website that provides an option for a more authentic and real travel. Our platform sets the stage for you to discover a place from a local perspective, meeting and connecting with people to engage in similar skills and passions. The website is also about sharing information and being able to show people how you were able to go live your adventure.

    I would love to feature your story about your season in Whistler and show people how you were able to do this and what would make it easier for someone else.

    If you are interested you can of course tie it back to your blog and our users would be able to see your work. Our site is If you are intersted have a look at let me know what you think.

    Keep having fun and seeing the world.

    If I can also ever help you with anything please let me know.



  5. Brooke


    We have been looking into housing and come across Ivan Beller. I’m just wondering why you said he was a rip off merchant?


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