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Moved the site over to a new webhost yesterday, so hopefully everything will zip along faster :) it wasn’t actually that painful a process once I realised that 90% of my database table dump was from stats tracking! After removing that the sql file dropped from 20MB to 0.8MB. Slight difference.

Will hopefully be getting some free time in the coming weeks to sort my life out! I have loads of drafts to finish off, music to record, projects to finish up and [even] more photos to organise. More soon..


Mother of god. If I’d known it’d take me this long to try to organise the pics on my PC, work out a way of batch resizing & compressing them to an export folder, set up a drag & drop photo album and finally let everyone know about it, I’m not sure I would have started! Perhaps I should refrain from taking my camera out with me to social events, thereby solving the problem by prevention – the best way, right? :) that way I wouldn’t feel compelled, or even that it’s my responsibility, to share my handiwork with all and sundry. But then what fun would that be..

The reason I felt the need to do this is that I don’t want to spam my flickr photostream with social photos that have a very limited shelf life. The way I see it is that most people will take one quick look through and then that’ll be it. Validity expired.
My existing plogger page works nicely, but you have to import every photo into the database before it’ll show up. An extra step that I can do without. Also, the sub-categorization of albums isn’t really relevant for my catalogue of goings out! (Poet and not aware.)
Starting on a new install late last night was patently a bad idea, as I am incapable of putting something down ’til all problems, however small, have been ironed out, and the CSS in particular has been hacked to pieces. Once it got to around 12.40am this morning though, I thought “f*** it I’m too tired”, reverted back to the default theme (ish) and left it alone. Someone really needs to knock up a wordpress/zenphoto integration plugin so that creating a page with an embedded gallery is simply a matter of whacking a put_my_gallery_here() in the template code. Plogger does have that…but it’s not as swish and AJAXy. Basically, flickr pwnz. Good job guys.

All this said, I present to you nights out & social gatherings – which will suffice until one or all of the issues I mention have been tended to :)


Javascript [delete] confirmation

Meant to post this aaaaages ago in case I forgot where I found it originally, but of course I didn’t and so today I’ve had to dig around and find it again :)

This snippet of code pops up a confirmation dialog when, for example, you click a button on a web based form, making it ideal for building interfaces where you want to provide a preventative measure against accidental requests being made.

Check it out:

And here’s the code:

<input name=action type=submit value=Delete onClick="javascript:return confirm('Are you sure you want to delete this record?')"/>

Obviously you’ll need to set up methods for handling the different actions, but the key thing here is the javascript snippet.

Credit to CodeToad for the original posting.