Monthly Archives: November 2009


Blog I need to treat you better. Just the only things I’ve written about recently couldn’t go into the cloud :)

On the verge of deciding to stay in Tokyo until the end of February next year. I need to call my landlords. Maybe I’ll syndicate my blog feed onto fb. I need to update the stylesheet etc – it’s been about six months no? But plenty of other things keeping me occupied. Girls as per, wrote a new track, two and a bit weeks away from CFA L1 d-day, have the next chunk of Japanese language exams at my school to try and not fail, started conversing with next year’s MFE intake about where we’re going to live etc. On top of that the Tokyo party scene has gone nuts for Nov & Dec after a pretty dry summer (compared to last year). Sadly as this is crunch time I think I’m going to have to forgo the Warp festival, Sasha, Alter Ego, and goodness knows who else. Ouch.

Trying to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Life here feels like it’s coming together recently. New peeps, but not so many new experiences. Will have to work on that. Miss my dear friends at home – maybe they miss me too. Wish I had a decent phone in Japan (ha, little things). Sad that my CDJ-1000Mk2 stopped working when I was back home for a few days. Thinking about xmas presents. Trying to make it to all my friends birthday parties. Connected with a couple of people who had slightly fallen out of touch. Excited about a few good friends coming to join the party in the Far East. Wish I was making it to the gym more often. Thinking about writing a piece titled, “Life’s Revolving Door”.

My room is cold. Japanese houses are designed to be colder inside than out in winter and hotter than outside in summer — perfect.

Loving the Metric – Fantasies album. Guess I’m a bit slow on that one..

End braindump.