Monthly Archives: May 2007

Tony Blair: success or failure?

I saw an article today discussing the above topic. It made for mildy interesting – albeit ultimately inconclusive and unconvincing – reading, but then I stumbled across this truism way down in the readers’ comments, which made me laugh:

The day I can casually employ polysyllabic words in ordinary conversation without someone saying, “Ooh! ‘Polysyllabic’? That’s a big word!”, will be the day I believe that education standards have risen. Don’t you think so, innit?

If you care, the article is here. Safe.

Questioning character

Since my recent post about the guy begging in the tube station stairwell I have seen him many more times. Somehow I think he looks more haggard nowadays, I wonder how hard life is for him.. Today I gave him ten pence on my way out of the station, he thanked me but didn’t lift his head high enough to catch my eye as he did. There was only a single penny in his battered cup before my contribution.

Two steps further on I thought, “does that make me a nice person, or a fucking skinflint?”

It’s easy to take my relative life of luxury for granted. We all have a lot to lose.