2007? What happened to 2006?

Christmas and new year passed by without my barely noticing. Austria over Christmas was a welcome break and it was good to catch up with my family properly given that I don’t see them so much nowadays. Suffice to say the snow was rubbish, but I’ve long since come to terms with the fact that I’m an absolute jinx on the weather whenever I go! I think I’m going to keep the elements guessing until the last possible moment when I go again this Spring (if I can afford it :( ), but perhaps they’ll still conspire to thwart me of my good snow conditions. Bah.

Going back to work was fairly painful after a ten day break. Things were pretty hectic in the run up to Christmas and I had to do a few more hours than I would have liked, but still nothing too bad – I’m assured that it’s no longer going to be that way now everything is back on track though. The waking up early was the hardest thing this week, even though I was getting up fairly early on holiday still.. Perhaps it’s the psychological aspect, going to do something you like as opposed to something you’re rather indifferent to. Also I was feeling a bit feverish all week so perhaps that had something to do with my general lack of energy and motivation.

In general, on a scale of one to content on my happiness scale I’d say I’m somewhere in the middle. Everything is tolerable – sometimes pretty fun, sometimes prohibitively expensive.. Even though there’s absolutely loads to do, I still feel like London’s over-rated. Perhaps I’m not involving myself enough, or perhaps I’m looking for the wrong things. Right now I don’t feel like I’ll be that sorry to leave, but there’s certainly nowhere else in England that I’d rather be (as I’ve said before, I’m sure).

The past year has probably been the most non-eventful one I’ve had in years, if not ever. Apart from going to Japan in the summer there’s pretty much nothing else that was remarkable! I hope 2007 has more surprises in store, though if the first day is considered an indication of things to come in the year ahead, I was in bed ’til 4.30pm, ate two huge meals in the space of three hours, lazed on the sofa, did a couple of chores and then went back to bed again :)

Gonna come up with some new year’s resolutions in a minute, I had some fairly good ones in mind..

6 thoughts on “2007? What happened to 2006?

  1. rich

    “Perhaps it’s the psychological aspect, going to do something you like as opposed to something you’re rather indifferent to.”

    Never a truer word spoken… getting up for work is nigh on impossible sometimes, but since i’ve started getting going with the 13m kite and board i’ve been up at 7.30 most sat/sundays for a while (although i usually end up in bed again by 8 when the promised good weather turns into rain and gales)

    Moving next to the beach today for good (ok it’s Wales – but you can’t have it all)… going to try and make another visit to London soon mate!

  2. jon Post author

    Still, next to the beach can’t be bad! Means you get to listen to the ocean on a regular basis :) you know you’re welcome here any time mate, will have a poke around and see if there’s anything cool going down in the next few weeks..

    Omar I can’t make sense of that sentence.. Eh?!

  3. Bogdan

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