Double title as the two are somehow connected.

Was in Dublin the past weekend. It’s a cool city – very reminiscent of Edinburgh albeit slightly more homely. Sadly (though not too sadly) we didn’t see that much of the town due to general laziness (which was entirely necessary), but it did me much good to get away from the bustle of London and allow myself to do some proper chilling out and thinking for a change.

Which brings me to my notebook. At first I thought it had been a bit of a wasted exercise as after buying it I’d hardly written anything apart from a couple of notes from when my Great Aunt passed away, but I’m beginning to realise the usefulness of it. Unfortunately the problem remains that I don’t have time to explore all my ideas and sound them out, but at least they’re being recorded now and I can retain faint hope of revisiting them.

I wonder often if I exert too much mental effort pondering things over but I think given my current (ongoing?) environment and situation it would be hard not to! For me at least… Seems the tube is something of a focal point, both for venting my frustration at due to the horribly packed and untimely journeys or for acting as an incubator (in more ways than one?).

Sleep as always is the bane of my life, but I’m going to try and get myself out of the dip brought on by the clocks changing (probably – can’t be my highly erratic living schedule) this week.

Night. Grand.

One thought on “Dublin/notebook

  1. Omar

    And such a nice notebook! I seem to have lost mine though. Gutted. How was Dublin?

    Dude, i will endeavour to make a few Pzizz sleep things… worth a try. As a thank you.

    Email me or summat.

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