A moment of clarity – I stood there, in the middle of the underground carriage and the words and music permeated me; I have to quote:

“We convince ourselves that we know the person well, but do we really know anything important about anyone?”

It’s something that I’ve often considered, but it wasn’t just that line. The whole passages… Sweeping along like an outpouring of my mind, more from the past than now. Strangely, as i read it, her voice rang through the words. The overall tone seemed to echo her style… How can that be possible? Was the alcohol playing tricks on me?

Guitar, text and orchestra raised the hairs on the back of my neck, the combination forging a beautiful symphony. The world around me shrank, concentration and imagination consumed by the sensual onslaught. Hybrid and Murakami. I only realised then that she’d used the respectful form of his name before…

My brow furrowed. How could i stand in the midst of chaos yet be so far removed?

Life is for moments like this..?

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