Unexplored Territory

Today at lunch, as nothing was pressing or forthcoming, I decided to go for a wander and explore some more of the surrounding area.

Initially I headed down Fleet Street in search of yet-to-be-tried food places and booksellers. First of all I found a very tasty looking sushi takeout place. It’s strange that there seem to be a glut of sushi places around where I work, albeit that many of them serve a bastardized (and overpriced) version of it with tuna flakes (please!) or one piece of cucumber wrapped in seaweed. Ha. No thanks. This one actually seemed worth its salt (no pun intended) but I wasn’t in the market for sushi today so I continued my exploration… Duly marked.

Branching left off Fleet Street took me past a million small legal practises and, turning left again, through an alleyway leading to Chancery Lane. On the far side of the road I noticed an intriguing passageway where many people were sitting outside. Turned out to be another spate of fancy sandwich shops, alongside work-fashion boutiques, all very quaint and “London”.

Exiting the narrow winding backside of the passageway brought me out at the back of the law courts. Here there were many barristers with their robes and fancy neck-ties on. I’d never seen people decked up like that before so was quite fascinated by their appearance. No wonder they use the entrances facing away from Fleet St/Strand!

After hitting a couple of dead ends I thought it would probably be a good idea to grab food before the lunch hour ran out. Nothing was grabbing me but I eventually settled for a Cornish pasty. This apparently granted me membership of some manner of club – as I passed a worker/van driver holding a styrofoam box containing (as far as I could tell) some kind of creamy pasta, my pasty elucidated a nod from him – I smiled a reply.

Isn’t life exciting???

Seriously though, there are loads of hidden treasures around. Just a case of seeking them out…

2 thoughts on “Unexplored Territory

  1. Omar

    Good skills dude.

    Or not so much seeking them out and doing your own thing seeing what comes along.

    Note to self: make sure Jon is with me when i next get Sushi..!

  2. Tiffany

    It’s so much fun when you stumble upon a way to infiltrate a segment of society you never knew existed. One Halloween, I was dressed up as Avril Lavigne, and a hefty fellow in a leather jacket walking down a street in the rougher part of New Haven gave me a respectful nod.

    I’m so jealous that you have London at your feet to explore. Rochester is so spread out; you’d need to drive for half an hour to get the equivalent experience of your lunchtime walk. There’s plenty that’s interesting; it’s just the extreme American-commuter version of it (just short of living in the Midwest, a different story altogether).

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