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Once again I have a million ideas and no time to document them :/ not really sure what I can do – doubt work would appreciate me writing personal stuff for 6 hours a day while they pay me for 8… Hmm. Perhaps things will be quieter post-Belgium, but I’m sure they won’t be. I’ve been singing the same tune for months.

The most recent thought in my mind was:

Are we the last generation who will be able to see parts of the world devoid of Western influence and commercialisation?

There have been many others but sadly they flitted and perhaps died. If I remember more I’ll stick it down quickly later on…

Here’s one:

Is the way in which supermarkets merchandise their products taking into account the optimal positioning for each product so that it is most visible to people who might be convinced to buy it?

4 thoughts on “My world

  1. jon Post author

    yeah i’ve actually been thinking about that you know… taking your lead and all ;) perhaps i’ll go in search on the weekend!

    hope your teaching’s going good d00d – haven’t had chance to check the blog recently ;x

  2. Omar

    I really like my Moleskine , it’s like that one. They are a little expensive but they’re great, the semi-rigid cover to the lacky binder to the pocket at the back to the plain blackness (though have a look at Flickr, they are kinda screaming to be customized).

    My 2p anyway.

  3. Kousei

    Hi. Just found your website. I want to sign up for your nesweettlr but I am confused as to what color Las Vegas Nevada would be. We are getting warm weather now. I have transplanted a lot of things outside. Please let me know what color you would suggest. Mitzi

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