Monthly Archives: September 2006

Is this it?

My god. Tonight I was reduced to ironing shirts for 2 hours in front of Desperate Housewives (formerly, and because I couldn’t be bothered to cross the insurmountable distance of 3m to the TV/remote) and Cold Feet (latterly). THIS IS NOT HOW I WANT TO SPEND MY EVENINGS!!! With a trip to the gym and cooking dinner (without even washing up) I have had approximately zero time to sit and ponder. Apart from this 5 minutes that is. This sucks..

My world

Once again I have a million ideas and no time to document them :/ not really sure what I can do – doubt work would appreciate me writing personal stuff for 6 hours a day while they pay me for 8… Hmm. Perhaps things will be quieter post-Belgium, but I’m sure they won’t be. I’ve been singing the same tune for months.

The most recent thought in my mind was:

Are we the last generation who will be able to see parts of the world devoid of Western influence and commercialisation?

There have been many others but sadly they flitted and perhaps died. If I remember more I’ll stick it down quickly later on…

Here’s one:

Is the way in which supermarkets merchandise their products taking into account the optimal positioning for each product so that it is most visible to people who might be convinced to buy it?

The passing of legends

Yesterday saw the passing of two legends, albeit in somewhat different circumstances.

The first was the tragic death of Steve Irwin – the crocodile hunter – killed by a stingray’s barb. It sounds like a freak accident and is kind of ironic given what else he’s done, but I suppose if you spend that much time around the world’s deadliest creatures then it might catch up with you eventually.. Nonetheless, the mood was somewhat solemn in the house last night. The world will miss you, Steve.

The second was the final exit of André Agassi from the US Open at Flushing Meadows. It’s a real shame that he was pretty much forced out of this years competition by a prolonged back injury. Having been there last year to witness his incredible route to the final it’s a shame that he will never triumph in that competition. I really thought that it might be a Ray Bourque-esque final-outing victory last year, but sadly not to be :( Agassi has long been my favourite player and the game will surely miss one of the game’s legends of our time.