Monthly Archives: July 2006

Internet again

If ever there was an example of speaking to soon, my last post was it. Since then we have had service for about 2 days. Engineers came out, couldn’t find what was wrong, didn’t call me back. Blah blah blah, anyway long story short is that it *seems* to be working now – at least it’s been consistently quick over the last day, so hopefully the woes are behind us. The lady I spoke to on the phone yesterday said one of their customers has had a problem ongoing for a year. Yes, a year. The problem with every ADSL service is that it’s reliant on BT in some way or another (BT are the telephone monopoly in England, for those overseas peeps), and to be fair BT are inept. The engineer who came was actually a nice guy and we were almost on first name terms by the time of his third visit, but as a whole, they suck. Worst of all, you can’t contact them directly about broadband issues, so every request/problem has to be relayed through middlemen who don’t call you back either *sigh*. Oh well. We hope this is the last of the trouble. To be fair I’m not going to have time to wait for calls or engineers soon, so it better be!