Pushing the boundaries

I haven’t been this wrecked for a long time. At least not for such a prolonged period. I have had to order myself to bed tonight (advice which I am yet to heed, evidently), as I did last night, due to general inability to communicate intelligibly (not legibly, as I attempted to pass off last night, ha). This incompetence has been brought on by 3 weeks of drinking every day (I think) and partying through the weekend on little to no sleep. Add this to the fact that I had to share my bed for a week (with a guy, sadly) and we have an excellent cocktail for sleep deprivation and general run-downedness. I didn’t really help myself today, on my first self-prescribed day of detox, by eating Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream for breakfast. At 2.30pm. Ah, the halcyon days of studenthood. Tomorrow I promise to start in earnest. Perhaps with leftover curry for breakfast… Doh.

I am fully aware that I haven’t really written much for ages. Of course that was largely attributed to the internet malarkey, which (touch wood) seems to finally have been sorted out after the fourth round of engineering works. Aside from that though I suppose I haven’t really had impetus to share anything meaningful. I have news in that I have a job, I start on the 14th August, at which point the IML dream will be ended once more and I will possibly hit the earth with a duck and roll (a bump seemed too severe). I suppose it’ll be good to start working, I mean day after day of getting up late, eating good food, chilling in the park and drinking (all in excellent company) can get pretty tedious, right? Uhhhh. One has to tell oneself so. In seriousness, it gets kind of boring being sat at home while everyone else is at work, and the worst thing is the fact that while money is inexorably withdrawn, nothing is going in to fill the void :) and London is not cheap! Having said that, I’ve afforded myself a holiday before once again rejoining the rest of “normal” (read: disillusioned and probably dull) society, details to follow..

Actually I kind of do have other news too, maybe I’ll write about it one day. If not, will it slip like sand through the hands of time and forever be forgotten? I would hate to think so. Summer has been pretty cool so far. I’m not looking forward to the dark days of English winter… Let’s hope it doesn’t come too soon.

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  1. Jahli

    Kelly,Your girls are gorgeous, and you have a keen eye for their phoots. Did you post-process any of them, or do their wonderful dark eyes stand out that much just naturally!?!? Thanks for sharing your pictures Nancy Kay, Jamie’s mom, Chris’ MIL, and Keira’s Grammy

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