Monthly Archives: June 2006


Finally! It’s on… 4 hours worth of support calls, 2 engineer visits, 2 dead modems and a train ride to Barnes and back, and we’re back on the ‘net. Many thanks to our neighbours for providing bandwidth in the interim, but at least now I can browse from somewhere other than the end seat of our sofa :)

Absence makes the heart grow

Mostly due to the fact that we don’t have any internet connection at home right now! We’ve been leeching off of the neighbours a fair bit (there are 5 wireless networks accessible from various parts of the house, and 4 of them are unsecured, can you believe that?) but it’s pretty unstable and quite irritating. Our new ISP of choice (Eclipse internet) could have easily fulfilled our order by now, but their stupid 5 working day policy means that we won’t be online ’til Monday. Of course rules are rules, or should I say guidelines..? Is thinking outside the box possible for the callcentre monkeys? I doubt it. Anyways that aside I was hoping to write something about moving in to our new place and post up some pics from the day we first came in as I tried to capture the moment somewhat (lol). Soon soon. Suffice to say our new pad is really sweet, nicely decorated and very well located. Having said that I’m already fed up with the amount of time it takes to get from Balham to the edge of the City – the 5 or so stops from Balham to Waterloo/London Bridge drag sooo badly – but can’t have everything eh.

I’ve regressed back to questioning my direction in the past couple of days. The jobsearch begun in earnest in the middle of the week and I should hopefully have a couple of interviews next week, but I’m still not convinced about where I’m headed in the next 6 – 18 months. We shall see, I’m still waiting for the epiphany.. Where are you dammit.