I’m off to my cousin’s wedding today, have been quite looking forward to it because it’s been YEARS since I went to a wedding. There were actually two in the past couple years, but one I missed due to post-graduation holiday and the other I was in Canada for and couldn’t afford to fly home and back. Evidently my family didn’t want me home THAT much as an offer of travel expenses was never extended! I was informed by my Nan that I would be lynched if I didn’t make the next wedding though, so I see this as both a moral obligation as well as a, er, sponsored drink-a-thon :)

Other exciting news – my new keyboard came today, a spaceship-esque Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. Wow, the marketing department did a good job with that catchy title didn’t they? Anyways, a fairly standard replacement for my aging and somewhat sticky (the key action, you filth) Fellowes Microsoft knock-off. One can’t price the value of one’s health. It slays me to see all these people in offices using the little prop-up stands that come on every keyboard out there. Increasing the angle of the keys is about the WORST thing you can do for you hands. I try to tell them… To be honest it’s stupid of the manufacturers to put them there in the first place.

Anyhoo, I better go put my threads on. Aquascutum and Daks are the order of the day ;) latersss.

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