Whenever I know I don’t have to wake up for anything, I just CANNOT go to bed early.. It’s like a condition or something. This evening (or weekend even) I felt shattered, yet it’s 2am and here I am still awake, ruining my “normal” sleeping schedule that’s it’s taken months of working to get into. Doh. How quickly good work can be undone. I’m promising myself I’m waking up early tomorrow to get on with sorting out my life, but that’s fine – I always profess that sleep is for pussies. Guess I’ll just have to suck it up…

So irresponsible.

One thought on “Distraction

  1. Omar

    Depends if you were doing anything productive?? If not, it’s sheer willpower. I get the bests nights sleep when i’m bed at 1030. On the rare occasion that happens.

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