Leaving Whistler, one year hence

In a moment of reflection whilst cooking dinner today (Pepperonchino, as best I could remember it), I realised that it was a year ago today that I left Whistler to continue my Canadian experience in beautiful Vancouver. My immediate, and clichéd thought was of how much is different now, i.e. what’s new. It would seem quite a lot is different! There’s a funny parallel in the time of year in that I’m about to move to London now having spent the past 8ish months back at home, whereas before I was moving to Vancouver after 7 months in Whistler (wow, bet you guys needed me to spell that out for ya), but apart from that I think there’ve been a lot of developments, particularly recently.

I’ve been trying to finish off my “dilemma” post detailing career paths etc, but the long and short of it is that I’ve been forced to plan quite far ahead, although I still have no idea where I’ll be this time next year :) in an ideal world I would have moved to London in January, spent 10 or so months there and then taken off for a year in Japan/rest of Asia. It seems that this ideal has been usurped by a duality of career development pressure and the law of IT projects (the actual length a project will take to complete – take your worst case estimate and double it), hence I’m only just moving now, effectively 5 months overdue.

The problem with this situation is that 6 months in London doesn’t give me a great deal of time to accomplish anything. This would be fine if I had nothing to accomplish, but I feel like I should be making some advancement somewhere at least. I figured before that financial IT would be the way to go in the short term as it’s probably the best thing to go on my CV ahead of what I want to do next, but my diminishing interest in IT development has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works. This, combined with my social collective’s renewed anxiety about life direction has forced me to question my next steps, and the best solution I can come up with is to keep my options as open as possible! To effectuate this, I’m going to have to apply to all my potential career areas, which at time of writing are solicitor, investment banker, strategy consultant and musician. I suppose I should thank Tiff’s friend Tom, as it was he who first forced me to explain why exactly I needed four lifetimes to fit all I wanted to do in. There’s the answer, anyway, in black and white (or even dark charcoal and white, until I get bored and change the CSS again).

Unfortunately, I think my plan of a half season in Hokkaido this winter is going to have to be sacrificed :( gutted. The reason being that graduate intakes for (at least) investment banking begin recruiting in October, which will mean the application process overlaps my intended departure date. If I did head out for the latter half of the season, it would be the wrong half to try and find employment, as you really want to be there at the start. I dunno, perhaps I’m being overly pessimistic, I’ll look into it more and see how difficult it would be to find work from February thru April.. As an alternative, I suppose I could weigh up the possibility of conducting interviews over the phone, but given the penchant for “assessment days” in graduate recruitment, I can’t see that that would do me any favours!

Anyways, in Canada I had none of this hassle. Sure, I occasionally questioned where I was headed, but never really got into it in any detail. Any thoughts like that were quickly quelled by a 5 minute stroll down to the beach! Ah, the West coast vibe… Comparing home (Gloucester) to there is like comparing Mozart to the Cheeky Girls (I’m loathe to even give them the honour of capitalization :)) still, it’s on to new things once again, and I can’t pretend I’m not both excited and extremely relieved to finally be moving on..

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