5 albums you need

The Knife – Deep Cuts
Jose Gonzalez – Veneer
Garden State OST
DJ Hell – The Japanese Gigolo Inferno
Miss Kittin – Electroclash

These represent some of my most played albums of the past 6 months. There’s many, many more I could list too, but perhaps I’ll list some favourite tracks in a later post instead.

A couple of tracks on each of the first three albums are nothing less than seminal; it’s easy to lose yourself in the music. For example ‘Heartbeats’ by The Knife, which is now gaining notoriety through a certain Sony Bravia advert featuring a cover of the track by Mr Jose Gonzalez, a track I first heard on the snowboarding DVD ‘afterlame’. The song is so perfect for a number of occassions. ‘Pass this on’, too, with its steel drums, is just a beautiful track.

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