Monthly Archives: March 2006


Fuck, I’m 23, and have so far accomplished relatively nothing. I’ve just realised that 23 is an age where one should start to make shit happen, and I’m gonna be 24 in a couple weeks.. Granted I consider myself 6 months younger than I am due to injury related layoffs, but I’m still against the clock. Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t an about turn, I’m not about to give up my laid back approach, but it would be nice to feel like some progress is being made. There’s some thinking to be done…

Busy busy

Man, less than a post a week at the moment, not good.

Something happened this week. In fact, a few things happened in the last week or so. For starters, Al announced that he’s bagged a job in London, which has put a prospective move date into play. Consequentially, this has set other processes in motion – the winding down of my project job, the necessity for finding a new job, househunting, trying to schedule a holiday… Secondly, for some reason I’ve had a huge motivational surge with regards to my musical aspirations. I took on a webmaster position for silenced, I gave a demo CD to the Plump DJs last weekend, I’ve started work on 2 remixes for contests (with another to join them shortly) and I’m almost done with the final touches to my own demo EP to send out to labels. On top of this, I found out that my ex of longest standing is getting married (congratulations Clo!), have been trying to get down the gym regularly to combat my alcohol intake (purely binge drinking, I’m no alcoholic yet) and also find time enough to wind down from my daily routine. Phew.

So, kind of exciting times. I’ve spent the past couple of weeks in a pretty much constant state of tiredness though, which is an unfortunate side-effect of trying to accommodate all this stuff in the evenings & weekends. Shall I bitch about 9-5(.30) life some more? :)

I’m a bit pissed that I have 3 posts in draft state at the moment too. Shall be trying to clear those shortly…

Oh yeah and I’m still waiting for my DJ mixer, some CDRs to burn all my new tunes on, and FUCKING ORANGE to give me my ¬£40. They barred my phone again yesterday, it’s getting to be rather pass√©.. I’m trying to jump ship but, as ever, the phone(s) I want isn’t available yet. ffs.

Peace & love

Btw: I hope y’all noticed the linkblog over yonder —>
interesting snippets from around the web that I was feeling bad clogging the main column up with :)