So, they said it’s your birthday

And on the 17th, it was. My 24th year on earth is looking pretty good so far, and I’m in one of those moods where life is sweet, and I’m happy to just enjoy the ride…

2 thoughts on “So, they said it’s your birthday

  1. tiff

    oh no i missed it!!!!!!!! got my head up in the clouds all the time… i’ll make it up somehow. and i’m sure you made it up already in alcohol imbibance (i don’t suppose that word really exists). happy 24th!!!!

  2. rena

    hey i didn’t know it was your b-day recently! happy bday! or otanjoubi omedetou =) hope you got home all right today. i like your sites — kawaii! (j/k). nice layout, though, seriously. and i really like your music. the funny thing is that it sort of reminds me of clubbing in shanghai at some specific clubs =P especially the silence 2005 one. anyways, keep in touch, and good luck with your work and job-searching etc.

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