Snow trip the third

Raaaaaaaaaah I’ve booked my third snowboarding trip of the season :D This time I’m off (back) to Avoriaz – place of the *most* near death experience of my life! Heh. Well, Avoriaz, I’m coming back for my revenge… *muha*

The lucky compatriots on this trip are Birmingham uni ski club. I guess this is a bit of a no-no given inter-university rivalry, but hey, all my other hopefuls are either skint, or unable to take holiday having recently started new jobs, so I have no choice! At least this way there’s likely to be an abundance of eligible bachelorettes :p

25th of March is the date, so now I just have to figure out how I’m going to get there and back, having booked accommodation only (I’ve done the coach journey to the Alps before – never again), so could be some more interesting travel experiences in store! 2 weeks to go…

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