Lawler, the sequel..

We had a near epic night out on Saturday night – it was fantastic. Steve Lawler was headlining at the Medicine Bar in Birmingham, with Meat Katie on warm-up duty (not a bad supporting artist). I had high expectations and had been bigging it up to other potential crew members after how good the last time I went to see him in Vancouver….on June 22nd last year….oh my god, I can’t believe it was that long ago.

Thankfully we were not to be disappointed. It was pretty clear from the moment we walked in that the crowd was absolutely going to go off, and the whole room was jumping to Lawler’s dark drums for the three hours he played. Sadly, the establishment pulled the power on him at around 4.10, leaving little room for an encore, although in Steve’s credit he tried twice to play one last track before being shut down again :p

There were the normal assortment of messy to very messy people inside – par for the course – but my absolute favourite was this guy who can’t have been under 50, wearing a woolly jumper, sweating profusely, and absolutely giving it some like he was the main attraction, on the front of the stage, no less. Had to be seen.

The Medicine Bar is a place I’ve never been before, and has a fantastic layout. There’s a massive square pool in the centre of a courtyard outside, and when we came out snow was falling – beautiful. There were some wicked crowd shot opportunities too, but I forgot my camera – doh! The main room is probably only a quarter of the size of the main room at Air, at most, which probably helped contribute to the fullness of the club (it was pretty cosy at times), but still, the atmosphere was *so* much better than the last time I went to Gods Kitchen. The reason must have been that more people wanted to go see Felix Da Housecatt @ Med Bar than Danny Howells @ Gods… Hrmm. Having said that though, the people still weren’t as friendly as other places I’ve been, but that could also be down to the number of sex pests circulating around and trying to grind every girl in the club. Fuck off please. I spent a good half hour shielding the female members of our group from cocks like that… Grumble.

We managed to get a fairly good turnout in the end too, considering that in the afternoon we thought there were only going to be 2 of us going, and in the end we had a crowd of 9 (although 2 people were so off their faces that they barely count)! Also bumped into 2 Whistlerites in a pre-drinks pub in Selly Oak. Awesome.

Musically I probably slightly preferred the last time I saw him in Van, because it was a little more uplifting, but that could just be a figment of recollection as by 4am my body was shattered – my neck ached, my legs were done for, my stomach muscles pulled, and I could no longer shout due to the frequent wailing and whistling as the next track dropped :) why can’t we have nights like this every weekend? Aside from the music, the number of young people around was in such stark contrast to Cheltenham & Gloucester… I can’t wait to get the hell out of here! Soon now, soon…

8 thoughts on “Lawler, the sequel..

  1. rich

    twas awsome indeed… ‘long live lawler, long live dirty house’ and all that. I have to agree the relative intimacy (sp?) of the venue only added to the amazing atmosphere. we will return, it’s only a matter of time. warming to the idea of bedrock too. Not feeling like the oldest person on the dancefloor was also a bonus, hehe.

    fav quote from the night ‘it helps go round the world’, much to her bemusement! – or something to that effect, forgive me, it was late!

  2. richie c

    well, if al manages to set himself up in london… it’d be rude not to check his place out and drag him along to digweed@bedrock. lets not go to the acid techno, crustie filled afterparty this time though *shudders*

  3. jon Post author

    lol, cross purposes! yeah man i was there that night.. it was an… experience :D

    i thought you meant you’d been down to bedrock in london before, which i was pretty sure you hadn’t! :p

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