Wickedy sweet awesome

So my new mixer turned up today.. Or so I thought. I opened the box to find something completely different to what I ordered :)


So I call up the shop I’ve ordered from and the guy on the other end starts laughing. “We’ve had this other guy screaming at us on and off all day wondering where his mixer is”. Guess that mystery’s solved then. Lol.

Also, decided to query O2 today regarding the XDA Mini S which I tried, didn’t like and hence returned for a refund. That was on the 24th January, and I had to pay out £49.99 for the handset plus £36.11 for my first bill & insurance, which needless to say hasn’t been credited to my account.

To my surprise, I received the following [partial] message:

“I am sorry but we have not yet received the O2 XDA Mini (gm-xxxxxxxxx).” [decided it’s probably not a good idea to quote the order number :)]

HUH some more. Wtf? I sent that first class, and Royal Mail’s tracking system shows it as delivered… I fucking love mobile phone companies. I’m still waiting on £40 from Orange from November. At least I cancelled my direct debit so they couldn’t theive the money from my account, but I’ve been barred twice and the inconvenience factor is enormous. I’ll post up the first draft of my most recent letter for public amusement:

You’re damn right I feel the £50 credit was not enough. I feel the £85 total credit is still not enough. You still owe me £40. If you had paid attention to the wording in my letters, you would have realised I was trying to point out that I have been overcharged by £67 on my October bill – not £35 as your last letter states – and £58 on my November bill, rather than the £50 that you mention. I will state again, this makes a total of £125 overcharged. You have given me £85.

£125 – £85 = £40 outstanding.

Seeing as it is obviously too much to ask that you actually read my letters properly, I have taken the time to highlight the relevant paragraphs in our previous correspondence, in the hope that this will make things understandable for you.

This is, of course, ignoring the contradiction you have made with your previous claims – that the goodwill gestures are nothing to do with compensation for overcharging. It’s rather coincidental is it not that the £35 & £50 credits match perfectly your take on the degree of overcharging on my respective October & November bills? Yet you’re saying these are not a measure of compensation? Your ignorance continues to amaze me.

I look forward to hearing from someone who is not just a cog in the machine, and might actually be capable of some free thought.

Yours sincerely,

Yes, I was laughing as I wrote it. Sadly I decided that sending them such an awesome piece of literature probably isn’t the best way to get my money back, and on friends’ and family’s advice I ended up sending something much more tame. I’ll just have to save the torrents of abuse until after things are settled I guess.

Sometimes I could scream.

3 thoughts on “Wickedy sweet awesome

  1. richie c

    send it dude, that sort of letter usually comes to the attention of the office manager which usually means it gets dealt with quicker, in a desperate attempt to avoid it going further up the management chain. Mate, it’s a cruel fact, but the most arsey, irritating, customers always get the best service when i comes to resolving complaints. even more effective is if you can get hold of a direct phone number of a manager, if you ever manage to get through make sure you get their directline… and phone every day for a week. good luck

  2. jon Post author

    you know what mate, i’m really tempted. i’m figuring on telling them to forcibly insert their contract into their anal cavity pretty soon now… :]

  3. Mckenzie

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