I bet that you look good on the dancefloor

Anyone who was there will know.

Having just completed the monumental task of composing the post-trip group email, which took me approximately forever for one reason or another (actually that’s a complete lie – my eyes aren’t working properly due to my current hangover), I am now free to ramble on to my heart’s content about the ins and outs of the recent trip to Meribel, yeeha.

The outward flight was a new experience for me – being that it was from Coventry airport. Coventry?? Airport? What? Actually I’d heard planes taking off from their plenty of times when I used to play golf up at Coventry Golf Club (very rah, darling) – transpires that it’s a big shed type thing in the middle of an industrial estate, with a runway attached! Excellent. Anyways had to be there at stupid o’clock in the morning, it was -3 degrees I think, and the door wouldn’t shut properly. They slapped me with a �15 charge for carrying my snowboard, which I was apparently supposed to have pre-booked carriage for. Yeah whatever. In fact they tried to charge me �30, until I pointed out I was only travelling one way.. Thomson fly can lick my balls.

On arrival at Lyon the French baggage handlers tried to pull a fast one on us by advertising our luggage at one carousel (temporarily), then sneakily dumping it all in the corner of an adjacent, cavernous baggage hall. Sneaky sneaky, sir. The guy with a clipboard (therefore making him obviously important) even directed us the wrong way, denying that our baggage was involved in the absolute mel�e that was unfolding in said cavernous baggage hall. Lol. Upon ignoring him I eventually discovered my case & board bag in a far corner, and set off to find a skiworld rep for my transfer hookup.

On discovering who I was (don’t you know who I am?), Andy, Meribel skiworld rep, directed me to Tim’s bus. It was a fucking hike, especially because of the foot of fresh snow on the ground. Unfortunately, whilst Lyon had been dumped on, the snow had somehow managed to avoid the ski area entirely. Excrement. We were in for an incredibly long wait on the transfer bus, because it seemed the Lyon baggage handlers weren’t content with their earlier mischief and decided that they were going to take all the baggage from the skiworld flights to the wrong terminal. The awesomeness of baggage handlers. Hence me & Tim got a good chinwag in, but this also meant that 4 hours passed between the time I left the terminal and when we eventually set off for resort. 4 hours. To make things more interesting, the French bus driver announced he didn’t have room to take me so I had to travel on Andy’s coach instead, yet turns out there were 4 free seats. Cheers for that mate :)

On arrival in resort I spent numerous hours sitting around in La Taverne waiting for Daz to arrive and Tim to finish his errands. Little did I know that Daz bus decided to skip Meribel completely and went straight up to Mottaret. By the time I called to find out what was taking so long I’d already been sitting around for about 3 hours! Still, we made it to curry night eventually, then waited for a long while in various bars for the others to show up, to no avail…. And so began the title of Leeds softporn..

Goddamn it’s been so long since we went now that I’ve forgotten pretty much all the other details :D

First day we set out sans Dazzler, who was allegedly looking for a job. He quickly realised that this was an unrealistic proposition and instead started pissing it up the wall along with the rest of us. Daz actually managed to stay in resort for a grand total of 5 weeks – a testament to the IML way, and a role model for us all.
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