Monthly Archives: January 2006


It’s impossible to get to Lyon airport by 11am on the 3rd February. Damn. Looks like I’m going down on the 2nd and kipping in a classy airport hotel! Mind you it’ll probably be a welcome break after the impending sessions. Went out last night incidentally and am feeling rough as AGAIN today. Hope this doesn’t form a continuing trend, I don’t like hangovers. And don’t tell me prevention’s the best cure – no.

Anyway, I shall be afk for the next 6ish days *gasp* – bring on the snow!

Yay for snow

My friend Jess hit the nail on the head with the subject there. Have finalised all my travel plans for going boarding this weekend – can’t wait – more ppl going by the day! So, Whistler reunion in the British corner of France that is Meribel, sweet. After that have to take a train to Lyon airport at stupid o’clock on the 3rd Feb, but hey, part and parcel right? Yarrrrr.