Some wonderful people somehow hacked my sites a couple of days ago :( fortunately no damage other than defacement, and seems the only method of access could have been a exploit in one of the php apps I’m hosting on snowiscold.com.. Still, hopefully that’s been sorted, and it’s not a vulnerability in WordPress itself, as that would *not* be good news! It’s taken me some time to restore all the homepages off of my local copies though, grumble grumble.

2 thoughts on “h4xx3d

  1. sniff

    dude, you KNOW that was in retribution for the pagan fresco in Cyprus that you defaced in the 6th century BC during your past life as a well-water carrier.

    no really, though, that was downright malicious. watch your cyber-back, eh? who knows what else is lurking in that british fog…

  2. jon Post author

    Jesus! I’d forgotten about that. Hmm that would make sense except these guys were the “Kuwait crew” or something – fighting some muslim cause, you know how it is nowadays ;) anyways, hopefully it won’t happen again!

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