Monthly Archives: December 2005


Some wonderful people somehow hacked my sites a couple of days ago :( fortunately no damage other than defacement, and seems the only method of access could have been a exploit in one of the php apps I’m hosting on Still, hopefully that’s been sorted, and it’s not a vulnerability in WordPress itself, as that would *not* be good news! It’s taken me some time to restore all the homepages off of my local copies though, grumble grumble.

Whoop! There goes gravidy

Belated holiday news & Merry Christmas to all! My holiday was ok, the boarding was good considering the time of year but there were a few too many stones & rocks around to warrant destroying the base of one of my newer babies so had to resort to using the old faithful for the majority of the week. Sadly I didn’t get to do as much boarding or boozing as I usually would due to being ill the whole week :( I figured I’d be better after a couple of days away but I don’t think my tactics of immediate-alcohol-indulgence-on-improvement-in-condition did me much good at all. On 2 days I only did 2 runs then came home, only did an hour and a half another day, and the conditions were getting pretty hard by the end of the week which didn’t really inspire me to go and hurl myself around. In fact on the last day I nearly lost it on a track (which never happens) due to feeling completely out of it, so thought I better head home before breaking my azz on some ice! There was a lot not open, which is fair enough given that it was the second operating week of the season (and they wanted to save some stuff for the Christmas crowds), but that meant the runs that were open were getting rocky and icy. Grrr. I managed to get one semi powder run in on the first day, but that killed me due to my general fatigue! Can’t say I was too fussed about our chalet (or the resort, or the staff in general…) either, so all in all, well, I’ve had better trips… Ho hum.

On coming home, still ill but a relief to have some home comforts. How bad does it suck being debilitated in a foreign country?? (hugs Tiff!) I was off work Monday and Tuesday this week but thought I’d better show my face on Wednesday before attending the Christmas party today, which starts in approximately 1 hour :) so, just enough time to do a bit of blogging from work?? Hehe.

More soon…


I’m going snowboarding in 8 hours! Well technically only the plane leaves at 8am, but you get my drift. This also means that I have to be up in 2 hours to drive to Gatwick airport. Crap. Plus I’m ill.. Anyway, stick to the positives huh?!

We’re off to Courchevel 1850, playground of the rich and famous and one of the most expensive resorts in Europe. Should make for some cheap nights out then.. Can’t see there’s gonna be that many people there this time of year to be honest but seeing as the snow’s meant to be pretty good right now that’s no bad thing!

Right I’m gonna grab some shuteye, or at least continue trying.. I’m actually writing this from bed on my phone via GPRS – ah the wonders of modern technology :)

Til next time..