Kings of tomorrow

Time marches on never ending,
time keeps its own time.
Here we stand at beginning,
and then goes passing us by
And I, I, I can dream for us all.
I hope I’m in a better state,
When here and now crumbles and falls and you, you,
you who make worlds collide,
I knew you’d come knocking one day,
unannounced like a thief in the night.

So tell me how do you do,
Finally I meet you.
You don’t know what I’ve been through,
waiting and wondering about you.
I had a dream my trip would end up at you,
and now I know paradise.

Where do we go from here,
time ain’t nothing but time,
I now have no fear of my fears
And no more tears to cry, tomorrow, tomorrow,
tomorrow means nothing at all.
If we don’t hear the line, when today places its call,
and morning, morning,
Morning, won’t ever be the same,
now I won’t make the same mistakes,
Time and time again.
Time and time again.
Time and time again.
Time and time again.
Time and time again.
Time and time again.
Time and time again.
Time and time again.

[from Kings of Tomorrow ft. Julie McKnight – Finally]

4 thoughts on “Kings of tomorrow

  1. peanuts Post author

    I didn’t know this song. so I requested this song to radio station:p
    The d.j. said “This Artist is really nice:) and are you missing someone?” (maybe…:s)
    This lyrics sound sad, but I like this music:)

  2. jon Post author

    I was really confused for a while how I’d commented on my own post! Until I found out your IP address belongs to YahooBB ;) how’s the job search going?! o-genki??

    Yeah I’ve been listening to some old music and this song is often in my head.. I love the lyrics and her voice is beautiful. The best version I’ve heard is “The Sting Reprise”, if you can find it! (it’s pretty hard to track down on vinyl :/)

  3. peanuts

    I’m GENKI:)(and you?)I haven’t found my new job yet:s
    I often check your website:)
    I’m sorry that I made you confuse…but I didn’t know how to leave a comment…:p
    I was surprised that you found my IP address…(I know you are MANIA:p)

    I couldn’t find it(The Sting Reprise)…It’s difficult for me to find it:s

  4. Emmanuela

    Fri, December 19, 2008 19:18To: “Ioannis Zabetakis” izabet@chem.uoa.grΕίστε όντως καθηγητής ή είναι πλακα;=================================μετά από αυτή την απίστευτη απάντηση τι να υποθέσω κ. Πρετεντέρη?είστε τόσο … ???ή μήπως τόόόσοοο …???

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