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Last weekend on my way to and from Leeds I attempted to take a few point and click shots out the window as I was driving along (and not crash into anyone/thing). On the way home there was an eerie freezing fog hanging over the M5 which made it seem as if I were driving through a post apocalyptic world of mist and haze, where no sunlight could penetrate through. It was a beautiful drive home actually even though I felt like death for the first part, and the shot here is probably the best of all, but if you’re interested the rest are in the photos section here.

Nothing to report

So why am I bothering? Well just to make it look like stuff is happening I suppose :) today I’ve been reflecting on how my mental capacity in the week is diminished to that of a near lifeless empty husk which exists solely to transport itself to the office and back whereupon it stares blankly into a 19″ window and attempts to decipher the logic behind EJBs, which I must say, are a damn sight more confusing than PHP ever has been. Also the clarity of tutorials is far less than their pre hypertext processor equivalents.

Ok enough of that talk. Weekends are still burning me out, and the weeks are spent struggling by, trying to recover in time for the twice-weekly festivities. The past 2 weekends have been no exception – the killer Cheltenham + Gods Kitchen combo was pretty intense and involved a lot of Saturday lying around, and this last weekend I was up in Leeds on a bit of a Whistler reunion. At Gods’ Deep Dish were pretty good but didn’t blow me away like last time unfortunately :( think it was mainly to do with the fact we were all expecting them to play ’til at least 4, but the money grabbing bastards had double booked for the close at Ministry’s 14th birthday. Bah. Also there were suggestions of a few too many commercial leanings for our taste. Instead, we spent the majority of the evening grooving away to Babooshka’s Lee Pearson (at least I think that was his name), who was rocking it hard. Props.

In the week I was vetted for the health of my eyes and teeth. Almost received a completely clean bill of health but have been advised to get some specs for my persistent PC usage and should probably get a couple fillings done sooner rather than later (boohoo). Interesting stuff huh? Actually my dentist had just recently come to the country from Toronto so we spent a few minutes discussing Canada & England. Basically I was wondering why the hell she wanted to move from there to here :) especially to live in Gloucester of all places…

Leeds weekend was very messy. Took 4 and a quarter bastard hours to get to Leeds on Friday as silly me left it too late to leave and crawled along the M42 at snails’ pace. On arrival we immediately set off again to Castleford snowdome – no rest for the wicked but managed to squeeze in a cheese sarnie courtesy of Timmy before we left! Boarding again was cool and I can’t wait to go away in a couple weeks (wow is that all it is? Excellent). Didn’t quite make it out into Headingly in time for drinks but polished off all the beers at home and indulged in some monster pizza action. Saturday was spent drinking all day, starting off whilst watching the rugby and progressing via a curry house and lots of bars to a place called “Bourbon” I think. Got to bed at 5am for about 5 hours before being rudely awoken by the residents as they had to move out of the place that day! lol.

Anyway was awesome to see ya guys (if you read this). Dunc you bastard flying off to Mexico, and Tim potentially bigger bastard for going away for another season this Sunday! Outrageous behaviour. Well I wish you a great time mate, honest… Also respect is due to Ms Game for locking himself out of the house on Friday wearing only a swimming costume and with a ready meal (resplendent with plastic container) in the oven to take a dip in the hot tub!! 3 hours, a kicked in door, garage, and a broken window later he was back inside, but had sadly missed both of the two buses that leave his village daily and therefore couldn’t make it up for the boarding session :) good skills! Where the fuck do you live tho that only 2 buses leave a day?! Hehe.

Speaking to Pete and reading Daz’ emails also made me rather green, seeing as they are both still ritzing it up in North America. Keep the stories coming though as I’m sure it provides welcome entertainment for us poor buggers stuck in blighty :) apparently snow is coming this Friday, although I doubt it’ll warrant scratching hell out of my board on one of the molehills over yonder. Expect the country will be grinding to a halt too at the mere mention of adverse weather and/or driving conditions. Gotta love England.

Kings of tomorrow

Time marches on never ending,
time keeps its own time.
Here we stand at beginning,
and then goes passing us by
And I, I, I can dream for us all.
I hope I’m in a better state,
When here and now crumbles and falls and you, you,
you who make worlds collide,
I knew you’d come knocking one day,
unannounced like a thief in the night.

So tell me how do you do,
Finally I meet you.
You don’t know what I’ve been through,
waiting and wondering about you.
I had a dream my trip would end up at you,
and now I know paradise.

Where do we go from here,
time ain’t nothing but time,
I now have no fear of my fears
And no more tears to cry, tomorrow, tomorrow,
tomorrow means nothing at all.
If we don’t hear the line, when today places its call,
and morning, morning,
Morning, won’t ever be the same,
now I won’t make the same mistakes,
Time and time again.
Time and time again.
Time and time again.
Time and time again.
Time and time again.
Time and time again.
Time and time again.
Time and time again.

[from Kings of Tomorrow ft. Julie McKnight – Finally]