Another week, another weekend

Ad infinitum.

Horrible way of living, albeit somewhat unavoidable if you want to be “normal”. In any case, the latest weekend was the usual cocktail of excess, many road miles, sleep depravation and hangovers. I nearly pussied out on the Saturday night activity (sex, drugs & rock n’ roll themed fancy dress party in London) because I felt like I should be in bed all day – somehow we ended up drinking more than anticipated on Friday which invoked a relapse of the ill I’d been suffering on Thurs & Fri. How unusual. I’d declared that I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice my free time on the weekends though because of being ill. Can’t say I felt the best at the party but it was probably a lot more interesting than sitting at home ’til I felt better then ended up thinking, “damn, I wish I’d gone now”. I figure I’ll start going easier on myself once I actually move away and don’t have to spend half the weekend driving from place to place.. We shall see.

Hugh Hefner, the monk, the bunny girl and the police woman made a good impression anyway I think. More on the photos page.

Today was very Mondayish. The most Mondayish so far. And dark. Bleh.

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