Just gone

It was a year today since I flew to Canada. Can’t believe it (still). Haven’t been sulking too much although going back to do it again would be a more than welcome prospect! Weekend was a bit of a mixed bag – probably more bad than good – reminisce, final declarations, sardine style bedding, parking tickets, self harm (through burning the candle – I’m no masochist), amongst other significant things.. General stirring of the emotional melting pot.

Spent Friday night catching up with friends in London under the pretence of it being Gurpal’s birthday. We intended to go to a club in Piccadilly but got there too late so instead went for glamourous dinner at Pizza Hut express counter then headed to ‘O Bar’ in Soho.. Not the best place I’ve ever been to but the people make the place and it was awesome to see some of the guys from uni again. On Saturday I drove back home (somehow ending up South of the river en route despite following the directions out to the North West?), before heading to Stroud for a housewarming party and another night on the town. I’m hoping all the excess won’t affect me too much – so far so good but I’m sure I need to get out and exercise more :s

Work has been surprisingly ok, greatly due to the fact that I’m pretty much left alone to get on with it rather than having anyone breathe down my neck. It’s also the first time I’m trying to get a job done quickly rather than playing against the clock – a new concept. Moving to London will be most welcome though, so I must start searching for my next appointment soon. Motivation, motivation…

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