New York New York

Arrived in NYC around 9.30pm – first thing on the agenda was find some dinner! We had massive bags with us of course but hey, needs must. We ended up going to an Italian place called pizza village or something like that, cuz it was right outside the Port Authority bus station. Was a little intimidating arriving at night because there were hundreds of people out on the streets and we didn’t have a clue where we were going, also some weird Eastern European looking people were staring at me when I went inside the restaurant and some Brazilian guy (I think) started shouting at someone else for looking at him.. I dunno. You get the picture.

After dinner caught a cab to Phil’s place as couldn’t be assed to try and navigate the 17 blocks or so to his house (although turns out it really wasn’t that far away – every 10 blocks North/South is equivalent to 1 mile). Phil had already gone out with his housemates when I arrived but left a note and I was in bad need of a shower anyway! I found the bar they’d gone to in Greenwich Village after a couple of phonecalls. I tried to get some directions from some girls who looked straight out of sex and the city but they said, “sorry darling we can’t help you”. By the time I got to the bar though everyone was getting ready to move on. I guess it was already around 12.30 at that time and we were out celebrating someone’s birthday, apparently. Of course though the queues outside the clubs were ridiculous so we sacked off 2 places before eventually getting in somewhere. Sadly we had to go somewhere outside the ‘meatpackers’ district’, which I’d been told was the place to go, but we had no choice.. Drinks prices were ridiculously expensive – 2 drinks cost me $26 on my credit card with their automatic 20% gratuity.. Bugger. Phil’s friends were cool tho (although a lot of ppl left early), but one girl thought I was from Boston and started telling me all about how nice London is. Ha.

Next day we went to the Empire State building, pretty nice views and some cool historical info about what the city used to look like (lots of historical info dotted around the place). Took lots of photos, as ever. Then we went exploring around time square and ended up getting our picture put up on the massive screens outside one of the buildings!!! Bit of a claim to fame I reckon – check out pic. Visited a few interesting looking shops and decided to go get dinner at Red Lobster. I’ve always been intrigued to see what it’s like after the mention in Happy Gilmore! (the guy Shooter gets to put off Happy suggests they go for dinner there ;) It turned out to be pretty good, although rather more expensive than we were hoping, oops. Learnt our lesson after that and spent progressively less on each meal!

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