Quebec is a lot like I was expecting Montreal to be. Many, many old buildings and quite a rustic feel. We arrived in town pretty early and when we started exploring there was hardly anyone in the streets! Made a nice change from the hordes in Montreal but later on in the day there were hundreds and hundreds of tourists walking around too.

There is still a castle in Quebec, and the fortifications are still intact around the town. In places you have to walk up quite a lot of stairs (or take a lift thing if you’re feeling particularly lazy) and there a cool boardwalk which runs round the side of the castle wall on the side facing out to water. Once again we spent the day marching the streets for the most part in sunshine (it was really warm in Montreal too but pretty breezy) until around 4pm. We were going to go inside the castle but the tour guides stopped me when I tried to sneak off alone :) apparently you can only go on the paid tour. Boring. There were a lot of cannons lying around too. Well, not exactly lying around, but sitting there presumably unused. Provided for a good photo opportunity :)

In a café in the morning I bumped into a girl from the roundhouse called Kristelle, who was a chef. She was working there, what are the chances. Also attempted to use French where possible but most of the waitresses wanted to speak English cuz apparently they don’t get much opportunity to practise! Hard to believe. Also spent a significant part of the afternoon shopping for souvenirs (not for myself) which got a bit wearing!

Headed back to Montreal at 5 and got back around 8.30pm. We were debating staying an extra night in Montreal but the hostel we were in was booked up so got some dinner and made our way overnight to Boston…

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