Another day, another tower

What is it with building towers in North American cities? Well maybe we could excuse this one as it’s also the world’s tallest free standing structure (apparently). They kinda cheated though because there’s a huge spike on top of the actual viewing deck which adds to the height significantly. The view from the top of the Sears in Chicago was much higher. Anyway – the views were great although it was a little hazy. There was a section of glass floor too which was cool to look straight down through!

Spent the rest of the day walking through the financial district, walking round the harbourfront, down King & Queen streets again, doing a spot of shopping, then across to Yonge St which is very funky too, albeit a little seedy, then up to the Soho of Toronto which is called Yorkville. All very nice. Lots of walking though and I’m ready to hit the sack. Off fairly early to Montreal tomorrow… Night.

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