Managed to sleep through the alarm this morning but made it down to Niagara Falls today nonetheless. The greyhound station is in a stupid place related to the town, but only had to walk about 4km. The town itself is a pretty horrific tourist trap – fortunately we managed to inadvertently skip most of it by walking next to the river on the way down and taking a cab after not being able to find the right bus stop on the way back!

The falls themselves I was expecting to be bigger. I mean they’re pretty big anyway, but they weren’t so massive that I was really like, “woah”. Still, standing near the falls on the walkway gets you pretty soaked from the spray, and we took the “Maid of the Mist” boat (like you see on TV) right up the bottom of the waterfalls. They gave everyone these attractive blue plastic oversheets to wear, which were definitely needed as it was like a monsoon! Sadly the weather was pretty overcast today though so I don’t think the spectacle was as spectacular as it could have been.

Tonight we went round checking out the entertainment and fashion district, walked a pretty long way again and ended up eating in a Jazz bar with a live band playing – all very nice. Toronto continues to seem like a cool place, saw some more of the building today which have a definite British air to them sometimes. Even walked past a Winston Churchill statue today with a big memorial thing by it.

Looks like we might get rained on for the next couple days due to the hurricane which is going to cripple our outdoor plans a little bit. Was planning to take the ferry to the Toronto Islands tomorrow (not far) and row a kayak around for a while (on my uni friends’ advice), but if it’s pissing down can’t see that being too enjoyable! Anyway we shall see…

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