Spent an awesome last day in Vancouver. As usual I left the packing as late as possible so was still going around 3.30am and was making phonecalls pretty much up to when I got on the plane!

As I said I was flying into Chicago (via Calgary) out of Vancouver, well this would have been all well and good but our plane needed a replacement oil cap on one of the engines. Air Canada spent a while trying to find a replacement part but eventually gave up and we had to all get off and get on a different plane.. This meant that my flight time was delayed 2 hours, resulting in me missing my connection to Chicago. On the plane the staff said that there were agents on the ground in Calgary who would be able to direct us appropriately, but on arrival of course there was no-one to be seen.

I headed down to the baggage reclaim but was told that my bag probably went somewhere else cuz I was going on to the US, so after a while, and getting bounced around different people, I eventually was sorted out by an amazingly helpful lady working for United Airlines (thank you whoever you were!) who found my bag in US customs then booked me on the next available flight, even though technically I should have been sorted out by Air Canada (but they have some kind of partnership). It did mean though that I had to fly via Denver, wait for a while, then catch another plane to Chicago, arriving at 12.15am. What a nightmare. To add insult to injury, I was singled out by US immigration for their terrorist style treatment, as they have to select a passenger at random to conduct a fuller search, so I had to put my shoes through the x-ray, open my bag, jump through hoops, etc. Great.

I finally made it into Chicago centre around 12.45am, and was supposed to be going out for someone’s birthday with Suni so spent approximately 10 minutes in the house then straight out again! Crazy day.

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