Chicago is a wicked place. Has a different vibe again but the town is clean, the architecture is very impressive, and there’s loads going on all the time. We went to see Navy Pier, and walked round the downtown area on Saturday, went for lunch in a place where I found the top part of a rivet in my burrito, so ate for free. In the evening we went bowling for someone elses birthday then headed to a pretty cool club called zentro or something like that. At bowling I was chatting to a bunch of guys on my lane who were all just out of college and working trading options or consulting yadayadaya. Anyway they were a really nice group, as in fact were most of the people there! I think we must have numbered at least 20. Fortunately we were on the guestlist for the club as cover is pretty steep – I had to pay $20 the night before although that club was cool too, 4 floors at least, but that was also cuz I went in at 1.30. There were a couple of floors and an outside area, I lost Suni and her friend Pooja cuz the queue for the mens’ bathroom was the most ridiculous you’ve ever seen – they had 1 urinal and 2 cublicles for the entire club. Muppets. As a consequence I got chatting to a girl from bowling called Jess, so had some good Anglo-American banter there for a while!

Today after rising late we went to the park to see the latin music festival, walked round some more, I went up the Sears tower which is ridiculously tall – you can see for miles and miles and miles – and listened to some Chicago history gumph. Then we went for pizza in this apparently well known place, was pretty crazy deep – like 2 inches. By this time it was getting on and I was supposed to get a bus at 8.45 to Cleveland then Buffalo then Niagara. Unfortuntely the fucking incompetent on the ticketing desk gave me tickets for the 12.01am service but told me I could use them on the 8.45. Well, by the time I got to the door they were already running late and wouldn’t let me on the bus because the 12.01 goes a different route, so I asked if they could wait while I went to sort things out but they basically said, “no”. I was livid. Now I’ve had to come back to Suni’s apartment and wait around for 3 hours because there is no other way to get where I want to go (at least under $500) and I won’t get in to Niagara until 3.30 tomorrow afternoon. I’m so pissed off. Now Yuki’s going to be waiting round for another 3 hours on top of the 9 she already has to at hamilton airport. That sucks. I hate buses and all other things public transport. It’s a shame because now I’ve embittered myself after what was otherwise a really fun weekend. Still, I can’t change it now so just gotta get on with it… I’ve heard some interesting stories about the people on the greyhound buses so can’t say I’m looking forward to this trip at all. Anyway, will speak to you soon from Toronto, which I where I’m heading tomorrow night. Later.

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