Whistler Revisited

Went back up to Whistler on Sunday for a day. Actually we were supposed to be going on Saturday but after going to bed at 4.15am making the 8am bus wasn’t looking hopeful and unsurprisingly I/we slept through the alarms. We dragged ourselves down to the downtown bus stop for the Greyhound anyway at 9.30am but there were literally no seats so we thought sod it we’ll go tomorrow instead. As a consequence, my sleep pattern is in ruins because of the late nights and early mornings and I still feel like I’m recovering from the beer poisoning incident, but hopefully that’ll have sorted itself out before I leave on Friday…

So yes, on Sunday we got up at 6.30am and headed down to the bus depot to be sure of a seat. 2 hours later we were back in tourist paradise where it was rather windier than I would have liked – good job I took a jumper. Bumped into my friend Jess almost straight away and spent a while catching up before heading over to the gondola station to go check out the summer views for comparison. It was actually pretty weird being there with absolutely no snow – the vibe was definitely different and to be honest within a short time I was ready to leave again! I’m very happy with my decision to move on for the summer, but then for me it was never really a consideration to stick around after the season finished…

We were told that our staff passes were still good to go summer sightseeing so we got to ride up for free, bonus. Well, I say that but actually my pass had been hotlisted – probably the final insult from the dickheads in charge – but there was a reasonable person working at the Springs Building (admin centre) who sorted that out for me :) so THEN we got to ride up for free.
A huge bike park has been constructed in Whistler for the summer mountain biking (which I have to say did look pretty awesome) and there were plenty of serious looking people about with full face helmets and bling bling full suspension bikes. If we’d been staying around longer I would have looked into hiring one and reliving my youth :)

At the top it was a touch chilly – the board said it was only 7 degrees but I don’t believe them. The good old roundhouse was still open but I refused to go into the restaurant because I know there’s at least one person there who I don’t want to see! So instead we rode the peak chair right to the top of the mountain. The views from up there were pretty spectacular – there’s still quite a few glaciers around with snow on so I got some good pics and they’ve just put up a big abstract stone statue of a man which apparently is there for the olympics.

After going back down I met with Beth & Lave to see what they’d been up to and we got attacked by wasps as we dined on the patio, then we headed over to Lost Lake to see what it was like as I never made it over when I was around before. Unfortunately they operate a shuttle bus there in the summer so there were a lot more people around than there would have been previously, but oh well at least I’ve seen it now! After that we went walking round the shops for a while before it was time to take the bus home.
There’s something I definitely didn’t like about the whole place, especially in the shops, I think because the whole town is just so false. I mean I know the people who run the place want everyone to be super friendly but I for one can do without having enthusiasm shoved down my throat :) plus you know that all the cool kids probably resent the fact that there’s so many tourists around. Plus the fact that everyone there is pretty much a lazy bum :p anyway, that lifestyle, as you may have gathered, is not for me. I don’t know how the hell the guys that are still there have managed to stick around for so long without going nuts…

When we got home it was about 9.15pm, actually we went to the bus depot on the way home as they’d overcharged Yuki for her ticket by $3, and spoke to this moron on the desk who was very unhelpful and said basically they can’t help unless you still have the travel ticket, which you have to give to the driver to travel, great. I called him useless and we left – really we should write a letter of complaint just on principle. Anyway when we got home I started trying to sort out transport for Seattle the next day. We were going to take the greyhound at 6.15am, but getting up at 4.45am didn’t sound like the best prospect! So instead we’ve decided to hire a car from a company called “rent-a-wreck” :) Avis have a clause whereby you have to be over 25 to rent… How ridiculous. So, 8am at rent-a-wreck it is. Seattle here we come!

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