Beer Poisoning

Had a particularly unpleasant experience the past couple days after having the liquid equivalent of food poisoning :/ actually it was nowhere near as bad as when I had food poisoning at uni but violently throwing up and feeling like shit for most of the day isn’t high on my list of “fun things to do”.

Anyway, I’ve finished my jobs now so I’m waiting to get paid (still), was a little bit worried when the guy I’m working for suddenly decided he wanted to integrate a new system for their shopping cart so meant I had to spend some time learning more new things, but all’s well.

I’ve changed my trip plans a bit so now I’m going from here to Chicago – it seemed a bit of a waste of time spending $110 and 19 hours on a bus to go to Banff for barely 24 hours (plus paying for a night’s accommodation and another $50 to get to Calgary airport the next morning). I had to pay an extra $80 to alter the flight but hey, I still save overall and it was going to be a bit rushed next week as we’re going to Whistler tomorrow (after missing the bus this morning) then I’m heading down to Seattle with Pete for a night on Monday.

I felt kinda bad about spending only a couple hours with Yuki next week before I leave too seeing as we’ve spent most of the past 7 months together! We might be meeting up in New York and/or Toronto briefly though as turns out one of her friends is staying in New York right now too!

Am looking forward to my “holiday” – it’s gonna be hectic spending only a couple days in each place and covering large distances in between but will be wicked to see some new places :) I’ll be very sad to leave Vancouver but hey, I can always come back :p

I went second hand book shopping today and bought ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ – need something new to dig into whilst travelling after finishing J.D. Salinger’s ‘Catcher in the Rye’, which I thought was quite good although it kind of picks up and leaves off without really giving much away :) the second hand book store was, unsurprisingly, full of books and had a very cool atmosphere in a very antiquated kind of way. Certainly had more character than Chapters anyway (with the requisite Starbucks inside) and the store lady let me off without paying tax cuz she saw my UK driving license :p
I didn’t realise books were so damn expensive though. Perhaps this is the first time I’ve ever bought a book that’s not a textbook :)

Anyway, gonna take off for a brief walk along the sea wall while there’s still a bit of light – my days are numbered and the nights are closing in…

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