Half Time

This was actually a post I meant to write at the start of July, but now it’s nearly the start of August…

Anyway we’ll skip over that. The point is that my time here in Vancouver is now (well) past half way, and the time is drawing ever nearer that I have to pack up my stuff and leave. It’s going to be a sad day but in a sick way I’m kinda looking forward to going home. Not only to be re-united with my musical toys, but to see all the people that are stuck for eternity on the gloomy isle :p I really do miss all you guys. In Whistler it wasn’t so apparent because there were still like-minded people around, but having been pretty isolated down in Van due to the profession and general ineptness, or rather a combination of both, it will definitely be nice to see some familiar faces.

Not only is it half way through my sejourn in the world’s official best (or second best, can’t remember) place to live, it’s also now way past the midpoint of the year 2005. Crazy. Soon it’ll be Winter and time to go snowboarding again, think I’m due a holiday having not been away on one this year yet \*ahem\* :)

3 thoughts on “Half Time

  1. Omar

    I just think golf is she-hite. Sorry. Just the way it is man. I saw Shane Warne in a green golf jumper today, still don’t like the game.

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