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wassup wassup wasSUP :)

someone has just notified me of the absence of any activity on this site right now, which I must say has also been in my mind… So here we go with a quick race through!

This past week I’ve been working as a freelancer (like I said I actually finally got some work in), which has been, well pretty ordinary I guess as work is work! Actually one of the things I’m doing is quite interesting but the guy is being slow in feeding through the appropriate details, so a project which should have only taken a couple days has already dragged on for a week! The other thing – not quite so interesting but still fun nonetheless – is coming along nicely but client indecision has been a holdup there. Friday was actually really frustrating as I spent a *lot* of time writing emails, which I kinda feel obliged not to charge for… So yeah.

Working from home isn’t quite as fun as I expected it to be, but I guess that’s largely due to the situation I’m. Maybe it would work out better if I were in a familiar place but I can’t say that mixing home and work *really* does it for me! I totally understand why people don’t wanna mix home and work too much. Having said that it’s very flexible and convenient and I’ll probably be spending a bunch more time working on certain things from home in the not too distant future…

Apart from work, haven’t been up to that much in the past two weeks, have been frequenting the beach more regularly which is very nice. Today it was really busy but I found a spot about 30 feet from the water to sit and read my book (*read??!?! What??!!!*), and I had to take in the view and the fact that I was just feet away from the Pacific Ocean and think, “yeah this is pretty sweet.” :)

Have still been playing some basketball and tennis too. The other day we got into a few games with a bunch of Korean guys (I think) – 3 teams of 3 playing first to 7. We were a team of white boys, we asked if they wanted to shoot for teams but they said, “this is our team”, clearly separating us from them. Fine. Well we got pasted the first time out but managed to turn it around and get revenge later on (after a couple of sit offs). It was pretty damn hot work cuz it’s been edging up into the mid 20s the past week or so. Nothing compared to the heatwave in England I know, but I’ll take mid 20s with a nice sea breeze (and a beach) over the disgusting humidity of home any day :p

Went to see a bunch more movies – ‘The Longest Yard’, which was ok until they made it *really* blatant that they were copying ‘Mean Machine’; ‘War of The Worlds’, which I thought was pretty cool although unsurprisingly convenient – quite a few people I’ve spoken too weren’t that impressed with it too, but I definitely think it’s worth a look in; and last night we went to see ‘The Island’ – a kind of sci-fi thriller that’s just come out, I thought it was going to be another 1984 spawned playing god style movie, but it was actually a bit different thankfully. Anyway lots of action, British actors (Ewan Macgregor and Sean Bean), and some nice totty (Scarlett Johansson), also worth seeing!

Coming up – my housemate from uni, Gurpal, is coming to visit on August 1st, and it’s Yuki’s birthday on the 7th, so any finances I might have just gained are gonna be pretty much rinsed. Argh. Looks like the credit card’s going to be taking a bashing over the next couple months!!

Ok I still gotta tell you guys about Richmond night market, Capilano suspension bridge, and a couple of music gigs I went to, but I gotta stick all the pics on the web first so I can link to them, all in good time…

One thought on “Aiite – drop it

  1. Omar

    White man can jump! I didn’t like War of the Worlds, not one bit. I didn’t even think it was an ok film to waste away an afternoon. Can’t wait to see The Island though, hopefully that will be worth an afternoon, i’m just looking forward to Scarlett running around. Can’t see how Adam Sandler substitutes for Vinnie?? He’s always violent in his films, but not in a nasty way. Hmmm, is it worth seeing though? So bad it’s good??

    What are you reading?? I just read, Jennifer Government and it was good, nothing heavy but some interesting ideas.

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