More Weirdos

So I’m in the supermarket earlier – shopping for mince beef and tomato sauce and other such spag bol paraphernalia – when this guy comes waaay out of his way and says,

“Excuse me [mister]”

I turn round, this guy must be about 60, has loads of teeth missing and his broken spectacle lenses are held together only by copious amounts of sellotape,

“I, I’ve been living in Penticton for the last 11 years and 9 months, hell if I stayed away another few months I’d have been away a whole 12 years, and I can’t believe the prices, how they’ve changed since I last lived here. The bananas, the bananas are 79 cents a pound, can you believe that?”

I look to one of the store attendants for help — he’s not interested… I look for an exit.

“In Penticton I’d only pay 49 cents a pound, but then again I’m not about to drive all the way out to Penticton just to save a bit’a money on bananas now. I’m not that crazy, but still. Maybe I should have [continues indistinct]…”

I say, “yeah inflation’s a bitch”, don’t listen to his reply, laugh politely, and run away.

On the way home I saw an above average number of people pushing shopping trolleys around – the vehicle of choice for the homeless – one guy with an upside-down chair adorning the top of his.

On a different note, there were a bunch of racoons running around outside our building this evening, in the pouring rain. It felt very movie-like as you don’t get them in England (as far as I’m aware), reminded me of such classics as ‘Uncle Buck’, with John Candy :) they make a funny squeaking noise too!

5 thoughts on “More Weirdos

  1. Beth

    You commented on my blog, which I had no idea anyone could find. I’ve sat here reading through yours for a while and it’s very entertaining! I think we met at a Swap pub night thing a few weeks ago.

  2. Beth

    Yep, having looked at your photos, we definitely met. I think you exchanged phone numbers with my friend Hillary from NZ. Good luck with everything!

  3. Azmi

    Hi Rena, what a fabulous card and so ceevlr. I love your thinking behind this so very original. Beautiful warm summer colours and beautifully crafted. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Get Creative and good luck.Marie

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