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I think I may have a job, but I’m not absolutely sure until tomorrow – going for a high class meeting at the local Starbucks :)

More to follow…

Swap Meet

Ok not a real swap meet, but all the same, organised by the SWAP, er, organisation.
Cut to the chase already..

So last night I went with Daz (and later Pete) to the kind of meet & greet type event organised by BUNAC’s partner organisation in Canada. I was expecting there to be loads of people there actually but it was pretty quiet. Still we met a couple new peeps so it’s all good.
I fleeced myself for $5 on the way in cuz apparently I didn’t have to pay, but the guys on the desk said it was 5 bucks, bastards. I worked out that I would have to drink 20 beers and give no tips to make my money back :)

We decided to move on around 11.30ish but the queues were crazy at most places, or there was an R&B night which I didn’t think anyone was particularly up for, so instead we went to a place called Doolins, an Irish bar which is probably more Irish than any bar in Ireland but hey. They had a band playing such classics as “What do we do with the drunken sailor”, and lots of stripy wallpaper and memorabilia, you get the picture.

I think the place we went to after that was called Speakeasy, which was quite a cool place but there was no-one there! It looked kinda like a sports bar but they had big booth style seating at the back with highbacked leather seats, funky. Oh and a fish tank, if I remember correctly!

Unfortunately by the time we left the place it was chucking down with rain, and I was only wearing a t-shirt :/ but it wasn’t cold. In fact it’s been like this for pretty much the last two weeks – warm but wet! I attempted to run home and got absolutely soaked in the process…

Yuki was still up when I got back cuz she was feeling really poorly with flu like symptoms, although I think it was just a virus cuz she’s ok now it seems. Actually I had a funny turn in the week which meant I had to lie down for a few hours and was a bit feverish, so maybe it was the same thing. Either way I was up until around 4.30 trying to get her to eat something, fun. Crazy girl got up at 8 and went to school still too.

/me is tired…

Pure genius

Today I’ve been reading about content management systems (CMS) and happened to notice this gem on the homepage of TextDrive – a hosting company geared towards developers of open source projects.

I’m in two minds whether to spoil it by quoting it here, so I’ll let you take a look at the link and decide for yourselves – the text I’m referring to is the bottom paragraph. Maybe you won’t find it funny at all, but I thought it summed up a lot of the BS you see in everyday life perfectly.


Something very weird happened about half an hour ago – me & Pete, who had come to drop off a few clothes for work later, were stood in our living room looking at the map on the wall, minding our own business, when I hear the door open. We look round and this guy, a complete stranger, strolls in with a clipboard, says, “oh, I think I’ve got the wrong place”, and then, not waiting for a reply, and with both of us stood there speechless, walks straight back out!

This is obviously why you should lock your doors… :)