Job cont.

Well the news is I do have a job and it starts proper on Monday, I think. I’m doing web design for a startup company called assemblenow, and all going well I should do pretty well out of it!

That day I went to meet the guy, who was half an hour late having semi-forgotten he was supposed to be there at 12, then going to the wrong Starbucks (there’s just too many of them), and we had a chat about the company and his vision and the inner workings etc. for about an hour which was actually very interesting. Anyway he sent me through a job he had as a starter to see what I could come up with and both he and the owner of the restaurant were very happy with it so all good.

In fact the guy took me to the restaurant I made the site for for lunch yesterday, so I got free Indian buffet, sweet. Actually I was a little disappointed with it, it was no Polash :) and the guy had talked it up a lot, but it was cool to see it from inside and to meet the owner etc.
The only holdup has been the fact that the guy needs a proper sales force before he can start directing work to me, but he called this afternoon to give the good news that he’d found a lady to head up his sales team so all’s kicking off proper on Monday. There’s a list of clients waiting for sites to be built too so I should be plenty busy enough…

Will let y’all know how it goes as and when it happens…

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