Last week I bought a basketball for $10 – under 5 pounds – having walked past the court down the road from my house many times. Also I’ve been watching the NBA finals on TV, which incidentally has reached game 7, the decider, on tonight at 8.30pm Eastern, between the San Antonio Spurs and the Detroit Pistons. Having knocked out my team, the Miami Heat, in the conference finals I’ve been rooting for Detroit to win, but I reckon with home advantage the Spurs could clinch it…

Anyway, I bought the ball last Sunday cuz we’d seen this big bucket of them on sale for a while in Sportchek (kinda like JJB) and I’d debated it every time. So this time there were only like a handful left in the bottom of the bin so I picked out the last one that was still fully pumped up (as we have no pump) and proudly purchased it.

The opportunity to play came by pretty quickly, me & Pete went down to play on Tuesday and ended up getting involved in a game with a couple Koreans, a Japanese and a Canadian. We weren’t expecting great things having sucked sooooooooo bad when we were just messing about but in the game situation it came together pretty well! Needless to say my team won both games of first to 11 ;)

It started pissing down with rain in the second game which made for some rather treacherous footing, and by that time we were nearly passing out anyway – it’s probably a good thing it started raining to cool us down… We passed by the liquor store (not off license) on the way home, soaking wet, and helped some Irish dude get his recycling deposit back on the shedload of cans he’d brought to the store (usually they only let you cash 16 at a time), then managed to persuade the cashier to sell us a 12 pack for $20 flat instead of $20.15, cuz that’s all I’d brought with me! Winner. Then we took said cans home and enjoyed in front of game 6 of the NBA finals :) see, we’re embracing the culture.

I’m enjoying watching the basketball, it’s nice to be able to watch it at a normal time rather than 4 in the morning… I’m still not keen on “football” or baseball though, they take forever.

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