Batman Begins, and others…

Continuing with the movie theme, we went to see this film the other day. Actually I wanted to go see ‘The Longest Yard’, an Adam Sandler movie, but was outnumbered 2 to 1 :/ anyway I wanted to see this one too, so no worries.

We were pretty shocked to discover that on a Monday night the 10.10pm showing had sold out, but there were two more at 10.40 and 11, so we went for a beer then came back at 11 (see, big cities have stuff to do at reasonable times). Christian Bale was a legend, again, and the film was pretty wicked, I recommend you go see!

I’ve actually seen a whole bunch of movies recently, some good, some bad, and some just plain weird. Some good ones were:

  • Sin City – awesome comic style film, if not a little gruesome at times, with loads of famous people in it
  • Star Wars Episode III – just because it’s Star Wars, but actually a little rushed for the amount they have to fit into the film…
  • Batman Begins – duh
  • City of God – Can’t believe I didn’t see this film ’til now, very powerful
  • Fulltime Killer – Hong Kong cinema at its best :)
  • El Mariachi – a Rodriguez classic, predecessor of Desperado, and the film that made him famous

The bad:

  • Paycheck – starts off good but is ruined by horrible direction, I actually got more angry with this film the longer it went on :)
  • Kamikaze Taxi – don’t waste the 2 hours 50 minutes of your life on this, the case promises all action but instead you get this weird half Peruvian guy talking shit for half the movie
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – was expecting great things from this movie but the people behind Love Actually et al don’t make the conversion from romantic comedy to, well, any other genre happen

The weird:

  • Y Tu Mama Tambien – Have wanted to see this movie for a while, eventually watched it last weekend, it was actually pretty cool but the sexual content of the movie is pretty, well, open…
  • As Good As It Gets – ok I saw this before, and it’s also good, but I think it should go here :)

I’m sure there’s a couple others that I’m forgetting but I’ll have to add them another time (yay).

One thought on “Batman Begins, and others…

  1. Omar

    Batman Begins was pretty good, Bale was awesome (i liked how his voiced dropped whenever he put the suit on!). I think i liked the first half of the film more then the second half though! The whole bad guy plan at the end i found a bit meh really.

    Hitchhiker’s Guide – Just didn’t like that film AT ALL. Which is a shame really, because i really wanted to. There was no sort of flow to it and then it ended and i was like huh.

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