House hunting/New place

I was going to write about house hunting but in fact there’s very little to tell as we took the first place we visited together! So I’ll cut to the quick and say – we found a place, it’s a 1 bedroom apartment in a near ideal location, top floor (although the building is only 3 storey) facing the street (rather than the back alleys that there are so many of), very sunny and airy, 4 blocks from the beach in the green, leafy, tree lined suburb that is the West End. We’re also 1 block from Davie St, by all accounts the gay mecca of Canada, which provides for some entertaining sights whilst performing such mundane tasks as waiting for the bus, or going to the supermarket.

Anyway, our address is:

301 1435 Pendrell St
V6G 1S3

If you like you can view it here :)

7 thoughts on “House hunting/New place

  1. Omar

    I zoomed right in and it seems you’re living in some trees! Hope the apartment is good though! :) Man it looks like SimCity! What’s the big white thing though??

  2. jon Post author

    what big white thing?! :) That looks like a construction site that has since been turned into a very nice apartment building – which is exclusively for geriatrics… what a waste.

  3. jon Post author

    lol. you are indeed correct! I thought you meant the white rubble looking thing right by the marker in the original link. FYI, our building is the one immediately to the right of the marker (just to the side of the trees ;)) in the original link..

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