Last day in Whistler :(

On my final day in Whistler we went boarding once again in glorious sunshine. I took my sapient baby out to ride again (which I wish I’d had chance to do more throughout the season cuz the board’s so much fun) and me & Si donned our hockey shirts for the final outing together. We met Pete outside the Roundhouse and headed up for a couple of warmup runs down the saddle before heading to the park. The second time down we had a race where Si bit off more than he could chew and ate shit whilst trying to overtake me :) tssk.
After that we decided to do an off piste run for some reason, because we knew it was going to be so slow and heavy, but actually it turned out to be quite fun because it was like the wettest heaviest powder you’ve ever ridden in, so it was like trying to tailpress your board and simultaneously make turns. Anyway a way down we found what looked to be a nice dropoff, but Pete’s scouting and subsequent directions were way too vague for our liking so I dropped off a small part to one side and directed Si down. The drop he came off must only have been about 6ft, but he did it absolutely perfectly before letting his nose dip ever so slightly whilst riding out and slammed hard on his face, bending the wrong way and cartwheeling in the process, which was quite amusing (but looked pretty nasty).
After a free lunch courtesy of the roundhouse contacts we hit the park all afternoon, where I attempted (and nailed) my first 360. Only 3 months overdue, looks like the 720 I was aiming for at the start of the season will have to wait :)
The park was pretty sketchy, the jumps had gotten really warm and the takeoff was all carved up on the jumps at the top. Plus the snow was so wet that you had to straightline it at all the kickers to get enough speed to clear the knuckle (which I failed to do every time after on the first jump I nearly did a backwards somersault unintentionally because there was a big kink in the takeoff). Still it was pretty fun because it didn’t hurt to fall in the slush. Some of the snow was pretty patchy in places though, there’s a cut -through in the trees where you can access another couple of hits before you get to the lift, but there was quite a lot of mud and branches to jump over on the way! On one run I was acting like a yuppy too – boarding whilst on the phone – and hit the top of a buried pole so went ass over tit right underneath the lift.
After boarding we had to head back to base to finish up packing and try and give the place a final tidy. The plan was that after we’d finished cleaning we’d go for a house dinner and then head out for a few farewell drinks for me as I was the only one from the house actually leaving Whistler the next day. That plan didn’t turn out that great though because the guys all decided to go and play football for 2 hours… which meant we didn’t get into the village until 10ish, so we had to sub dinner for a group subway (no pun intended). Actually when we finally got to longhorn the rest of the house (and Daz & Graham plus whoever else I’ve forgotten) went home early because they said they had to get up early the next day, lame. So that left Tim, Sara and I to see the night off. Tim, you’re hardcore mate, respect. We start and finish in the same way :)
I think by the time I got to bed it was 3am and I got up at 7, but the morning was just a complete disaster! Turned out that although we’d cleared everything out of the house the night before or whatever, by the time we’d emptied the bedrooms sooooo much more crap had turned up. Leaving lots of rubbish bags and no time to clear them due to being kicked out at 10am by our bastard landlord. In fact Dave saw him outside around 9.30 sweeping the drive and he asked, “So, is that nice, big taxi on its way yet?” I tried to avoid him altogether when I left to get the 10.30 greyhound to Vancouver but only managed a silent handshake. The guys just had to leave the house too, so we ended up leaving a load of crap still inside. Great.
I had so much stuff with me that I had to get the taxi driver to help me load and unload the car, and he had to literally drive into the bus stops and park up right next to the coach!! My backpack was so heavy that if I didn’t concentrate it would pull me over backwards, no joke. The three boards, three jackets, two sets of bindings, boots plus other clothes and tools in my board bag were pretty heavy too, but at least that has wheels! Luckily Yuki came to meet me at the bus station though cuz there was no way I could manage that lot on my own (I also had a box with speakers in and a bag of food and alcohol).
The bus ride down was a time for contemplation, like I said I was quite sad to leave Whistler but at the same time excited about going somewhere else, particularly returning to a normal society (well, that’s debatable here but that’s another story) where there’s lots going on. On the way I was listening to lots of tunes that had been on the stereo consistently throughout the season, which made me miss it already! I think one track which marked my mood is ‘Aqueous transmission’ by Incubus, listen to it as you read this if you may :)
After arriving in Vancouver I wanted to take a taxi to the woman’s house whose basement we were staying in but in the end we took public transport because it’s considerably cheaper! We called a cab once we were pretty close to the house to avoid taking another bus but after it didn’t turn up for 45 minutes we thought enough is enough, though true to form once we had gotten on the bus the taxi rolled up, but too late. So, next stop was the basement suite of a very nice Filipino lady named Cynthia, where we began the search for a house…

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