Last day at work :D (and some other stuff)

My last day at work was a liberating experience. Actually there were a LOT of people all finishing on that day – from the bussing staff myself, Kieran and Nathan; from the food servers Aly and Laura, plus a cashier called Tim and maybe another couple of people who escape me right now..
Anyway it was pretty much the same old same old, I took some pictures for posterity because I don’t think I’ll ever get to work in a place where the view out of the window is that good again! Also I kept my uniform and name badges as souvenirs…
Looking back on it I can’t say it’s been that bad because I’ve made lots of friends through work and it’s had a pretty active social scene, plus Nathan made the good point that it can’t have been that bad because the time has passed so fast.
That evening we went for a barbeque at Jonny et al’s house in Tamarisk. Tamarisk is maybe 15-20 minutes away from the village proper in the opposite direction to where we lived. These guys’ house was awesome – they were right on the edge of a big lake and had barbeques and picnic tables plus piers and kayaks provided exclusively for the entertainment of residents of that development of houses. And they paid considerably less than us, and had their own rooms… There was actually quite a funny and scary part of the evening where myself, Dave and Si left Matt and Lewis and went to pick up some beers from the liquor store in Creekside while they went straight to the house with the firelighters etc. As we were leaving the liquor store we met Tim & Jonny, both of whom were residents of the house we were going to, who had taken one of the kayaks and rowed across the lake to Creekside. Instead of taking the bus they urged us to come back in the boat with them, even though we queried if it would be ok with 5 people rather than 2.. Anyway they insisted it would be no problem, so we thought what the hell it’ll be a novel way of turning up to a party.
On arriving at the beach it turned out that their unsecured kayak had been ‘borrowed’ by one of a very drunk bunch of guys, who had gone out into the lake without a paddle (which they had removed in the hope that it would dissuade any possible getaway attempts). His friends all thought this was hilariously funny, but I thought it could have possibly turned ugly because Jonny was not a happy chappie. After berating the guy for a while he eventually managed to paddle the boat back to the shore, and all was well. When we actually saw the boat our fears grew in substance, but still we decided to carry on with the plan. We all piled into the boat, with $100 worth of alcohol, and pushed off. We’d maybe gotten 3-5 metres away from the shore when the boat started rocking violently and we started taking on water, prompting much shouting from the passengers. A woman on the pier adjacent to us suggested that maybe it would be a good idea if we all got lower down in the boat instead of sitting up on the bracing struts, so me, Si and Dave all got as low as we could without sitting in the water which was now occupying the bottom of the kayak. I was pretty worried at this point as we were facing a 15-20 minute row, and in my pockets were my phone and camera, plus if we turned over we thought all the beer would sink. What made it worse was the fact that there was such a big audience around the lake who I could sense were just willing us to fuck up :) what followed was an agonising wait (mentally and physically, because the cramped position we’d adopted began to get VERY uncomfortable after about 10 minutes, but we daren’t move for fear of losing balance) while our oarmen navigated us across. In fact we had to go with one oarman because both of them rowing at the same time made us too unstable, and the brim of the boat was at most 5 inches above the water level! Every time anyone moved everyone would shout “STOP MOVING!” lol. We all wanted to make two trips, stopping at one of the moors along the way, but the guys in the know thought that if we made an intermediate stop then maybe we would turn the boat over trying to get out, so we had to put up with the pain until we made it home. Miraculously we made it the rest of the way without taking on any more water, but my legs didn’t regain feeling for maybe 20 minutes after stopping, and my back was killing me!
The barbeque was awesome – we played some Frisbee and sat around on the beach until the sun went down. There were SO many mosquitoes though, I’ve never seen so many. Dave got bitten 17 times (we counted them), ha ha. I only got bitten two or three times, I killed one as it bit me, bastard thing.
Later, we went en masse to the Longhorn for celebrations, where I spent a while playing pool with Pete until contentiously losing by fouling on the black to a couple of Canadian guys (very unsportsmanlike). The whole centre section of the pub was occupied by roundhole staff I think, there were so many people from work there. At any rate, it was a pretty standard night out, Maybe getting wrecked the night before dampened the enthusiasm for drinking again, plus we could barely move having eaten so much for dinner!!
Sadly the mixture of all the beer from that night on top of the beer from the previous night left me feeling less than on top form the next day, and by the time I’d sorted myself out it was 2pm and I didn’t really feel like it was worth going up the hill then! So instead I spent the afternoon searching for houses and making appointments for Yuki down in Vancouver :) but I was pretty disappointed that on my penultimate day I didn’t make it out of the house… skillz.

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