Losing touch

Aaaargh it’s hard to keep up with all that’s been going on…

Last I posted about the party last Saturday night? Well that was crazy – awesome night!! Josh Wink was a bit disappointing and think missed the other guys I wanted to see but everyone was so up for it, it was wicked. There was a mental queue to get in but ran straight to the front with my friend Pete and got in about 12.15 after necking about 5 cans each and 3/4l vodka between us. Got home at 5.45 after taking a taxi with some randoms cuz all my friends/housemates were going to afterparties. 3 hours sleep and off to work. 6 people phoned in sick that day, lightweights. The day went so quick too because I was still wasted from the night before lol.

This week went up and hiked piccolo and flute bowls for the first time. Both are awesome but it’s a long walk considering how long it takes to come down!! It was so nice just to be out in the beautiful sunshine though so it was worth it, except I didn’t put any suncream on on Monday and got chronically sunburnt, the worst I’ve ever burnt my face. It was absolute agony. To try and remedy it applied cucumber straight from the fridge and much moisturiser/aloe vera aftersun. It seems to have helped somewhat but today at work I looked like a reptile because all the burnt skin is peeling off, i.e. my whole face. Will try to post a pic for you to laugh at tomorrow.

Yuki left for Vancouver on Weds, we were supposed to go see a bunch of houses (3) but all fell through, bah. We hired a car cuz she had so much stuff, it was a Chevy Malibu MAXX, I think the maxx part was all important, still it was also a piece of trash like the sunfire we hired before :) got back home around 1.15, could barely keep my eyes open!! She’s looking for houses this week cuz they go so quickly once they’re advertised, so maybe we’ll have some success this week.

Forgot to mention that Blackcomb closed last Sunday, very sad as I’ve mostly been riding that mountain for the month previous. It’s also gotten very warm the last few days, I think it reached 25 degrees in the village today!! This means the snow is disappearing fast too, we had to walk out quite a way at the bottom on Tuesday and the run down to the mid station is getting to the same state.

We had a BBQ last night, except we didn’t start cooking til about 10 because the BBQ had to be assembled first!!! Also we screwed up making the fire the first time so had to start over :) we got lucky tho cuz Beth scored a bunch of free salmon from some guys’ BBQ earlier in the day at lost lake, made it a bit cheaper, and the food was delish, prepared by yours truly of course :)

Am feeling sad about leaving, am really going to miss here I feel, even though I’ve bitched about the season/job/etc. I guess it’s the same anywhere though, things are always better with hindsight.. Anyway have made excuses for celebrating every night while I’m still here, which is where I’m off to now!!

Will try to write something meaningful soon, sorry if this is disjointed.

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